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I.Guided by

Secretariat of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, People’s Government of Yunnan Province

II.Organized by

Chinese Athletics Association, Yunnan Sports Bureau 

Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Yunnan Province, Kunming Municipal People’s Government 

III.Undertaken by

Propaganda Department of CPC Kunming Municipal Committee, Kunming Municipal Culture, Broadcasting, TV and Sports Bureau 

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Kunming City, Management Committee of Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort 

Guandu District People’s Government, Chenggong District People’s Government 

Shanghai Art Fair International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

IV.Operated by

Yunnan SCO Culture and Sports Co., Ltd.

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Email: scomarathon@sco-marathon.com

Address: Floor 4, Green Lake Hotel, Wuhua District, Kunming City 

Official website: www.sco-marathon.com

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